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Bonne Maman
Bonne Maman : Soutenir le lancement de Bonne Maman Intense
Soutenir le lancement de Bonne Maman Intense
Store level
France - Campaign at store level: Secure sales reducing customers churn on weekends
How to limit customers escape during weekends to other store formats of the catchment area?
France - Nivea anti aging skincare : Communicate efficiently thanks to customers insights
In 2015, 70% of anti aging skincare shoppers haven't been buying Nivea. Market challenger, Nivea wanted to gain market share promoting the right range to the right shopper (30-45 yo, 45-60 yo, 60+ yo).
Coca Cola Enterprises
France - Coca Cola Enterprises: develop a "puchase reflex" on a highly penetrated market
Soft drinks concern 9 households over 10. However, only 1 basket over 4 contains soft drinks. Leader of the market, Coca Cola Enterprise France wishes to increase purchase acts.
Carte Noire
France - Carte Noire
Gain market share in a highly competitive environment.
My coupons
UK - My coupons: Stenghten customers' commitment thanks to digital channels
An omni-canal customer will spend more for beeing more committed to the retailer.
My Favorite Deal
France - My Favorite Deal: personalize and dematerialize your folders
A retailer's customer buys on average less than 3% of a folder's products .
France - Henkel auto-mesuring cap: enhance a breaking innovation launch.
On the laundry market, innovating is crucial to gain market share. Henkel launches the auto-measuring cap in March 2015. This cap delivers the right detergent dose, answering a specific shoppers need.
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